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    General Purpose Laboratory Ovens

    As Australia’s leading maker of scientific, medical and research equipment, Labec provides quality-made general-purpose laboratory ovens in various model sizes. Made from high-quality, durable stainless steel, our ovens come fan-forced or non-fan-forced, and are suitable for general heating. Our general-purpose ovens are available in two temperature ranges (200°C and 300°C ).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a general purpose lab oven used for?

    A general-purpose laboratory oven is used for a variety of applications, including drying, baking, sterilisation, evaporation, heat treatment, and thermal storage.

    What are the types of oven used in a laboratory?

    In laboratories, various types of ovens are used, including:

    • Standard drying ovens for moisture removal.
    • Vacuum ovens for delicate, air-sensitive materials.
    • Forced air ovens for faster, uniform heating.
    • Cleanroom ovens for contamination-sensitive environments.
    • Incubation ovens for culturing purposes.

    Each type serves specific scientific needs and applications.

    What is the temperature range for a general purpose laboratory oven?

    The temperature range for a general purpose laboratory oven typically varies from about 50°C to 300°C.

    Can a general purpose oven be used for sterilisation?

    Yes, a general-purpose oven can be used for sterilisation, but with some limitations. These ovens can sterilise equipment and materials that are heat-resistant by maintaining high temperatures (usually above 160°C) for a specific duration. However, they are not as effective as autoclaves for sterilising medical or biological materials, as they do not use pressurised steam.