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    Dehydrating Ovens

    Dehydrating ovens are heated chambers built to rapidly dry samples by removing solvents. Our range of laboratory-grade dehydrating ovens are carefully designed with optimal airflow systems to heat only the samples at a consistent temperature for reliable performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a dehydrator the same as a drying oven?

    A dehydrator and a drying oven are similar in that they both remove moisture from an item. They differ in design and other specifics depending on laboratory and industrial requirements.

    Do dehydrators use a lot of electricity?

    They are generally very modest in their power consumption. But, as will all appliances, different makes and models will use differing amounts of electricity.

    What are the main differences between a dehydrating oven and a regular oven?

    Dehydration ovens are built for low moisture removal at a controlled temperature and pace, ideal for delicate matters. Regular ovens are designed for a wide range of laboratory tasks and at higher temperatures.

    When should I use a dehydrating oven?

    An industrial dehydrating oven is best used when you need to gently remove moisture from something without cooking it. Examples of when to use a dehydration oven include drying chemical compounds and biological examples.