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    Glassware Drying Ovens

    A glassware drying oven from Labec is highly durable. It offers a cool-to-touch exterior surface with a fast and excellent drying function of up to 80ºC. This high-quality laboratory glassware drying oven is available in a range of styles and customizable sizes and is suitable for benchtops.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What precautions should be taken when drying in an oven?

    There are 7 precautions to take when drying in an oven:

    • Proper ventilation – avoid the build-up of volatile fumes.
    • Monitor the Temperature- this prevents overheating or burning.
    • Oven-safe containers- make sure your containers won’t melt and become toxic.
    • Don’t overload the oven- this can cause inconsistencies in the drying process.
    • Regular checkups- both on the materials drying and on the equipment to prevent damage.
    • Follow guidelines- if there are specific instructions for sensitive materials, always follow those guidelines.
    • Flat surface – you must install your ovens on a flat surface for safety and consistency reasons. Overbalanced ovens may become faulty.

    Why is the oven drying method the most accurate?

    In labs and industrial settings, oven drying is considered the most accurate for a few reasons:

    • Uniform heating allows consistent drying throughout samples.
    • Controllable temperature allows for precision in moisture removal.
    • It’s a direct method, so you can measure weight loss through drying, which is a reliable indicator of moistness.

    What are the types of laboratory drying ovens?

    Labec has a wide variety of laboratory drying ovens, including vacuum drying ovens, solvent drying ovens, flame-proof ovens and dehydrating ovens.

    What are the advantages of using drying ovens in the laboratory?

    There are many advantages of using a Labec drying oven in your lab:

    • Consistency- consistent heating and uniform temperature allows even drying of samples.
    • Control- accurate temperature control ensures specific heat for specific materials and experiments.
    • Efficiency – you can dry multiple samples in one go with a Labec oven.
    • Versatility – You can use our drying ovens for moisture removal through to material testing, and more.
    • Reduced Contamination- with an enclosed, controlled environment, the potential to contaminate samples, or the lab space, is significantly reduced.
    • Safety – with our ovens designed to handle hazardous and volatile materials, your level of safety is markedly higher.