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    Flame Proof Ovens

    A flame-proof oven from Labec conforms to Australian Standard (AS1681-2002). These ovens are made in Australia from high-quality, durable steel and are suited for applications where volatile matters like paint, varnishes and bitumen are present. They are easy to maintain, provide continuous positive ventilation and can reach a temperature of up to 200ºC.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of using a flame proof oven in a commercial setting?

    In a commercial and industrial setting, flame proof ovens provide an extra layer of safety, especially in environments with flammable materials. They are designed to prevent the ignition of volatile substances, which is ideal for chemical processing and the painting industry.

    Are flame proof ovens more energy-efficient compared to traditional ovens?

    There are different levels of efficiency in all ovens, and flame-proof ovens are not necessarily more efficient. Their design focuses on safety and prevention of flame ignition, more than being made for efficiency.

    How can I maintain and clean a flame proof oven effectively?

    To maintain and clean a flame proof oven effectively, follow these steps:


    • Regularly inspect and clean the interior to remove any residue or spills.
    • Ensure proper ventilation and airflow for efficient operation.
    • Check and clean filters, if applicable, to prevent blockages.
    • Regularly inspect electrical connections and components for safety.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning products and procedures.
    • Schedule routine maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance and safety.


    These steps help maintain efficiency, prolonging the oven’s lifespan, and ensuring safety in a commercial environment.

    Are there any specific safety regulations or certifications for flame proof ovens?

    In Australia, flame-proof ovens must conform to certain safety standards and certifications to ensure their safe operation, particularly in commercial and industrial settings where they are often used. Specifically, flameproof ovens from Labec comply with the Australian Standard AS1681-2002. This standard is critical for applications where volatile matters such as paint, varnishes, and bitumen are present, as it ensures the ovens are designed to safely handle these materials.