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    Stability Conveyor Belt Oven

    With excellent temperature stability


    To design a fully automated oven to hold high temperature with temperature stability of ±1 at 140ºC throughout the chamber with open ends and products passing through the chamber.


    The chamber also had to control 2 heating zones, remove flammable vapours, count the output and hold the oven whilst finished product is removed from the catch area. The product needed to be pharmaceutical grade and use HEPA filters with constant air flow.

    Conveyor oven during testing


    Conveyor during manufacture


    Conveyor oven complete

    Problems to overcome

    We had to be able to remove all vapours to allow the chamber to purge, use flammable motors and air detectors to prevent explosion. The controller had to monitor and log the temperature and send data to BMS for monitoring and also count the product with 100% accuracy whilst alerting the user via sound and light to replace the bin catching the product and hold the oven conveyor and the temperature stability.

    Finally the oven has to be able to monitor the air coming from the chamber and switch off the heaters should the extraction system detect no air flow, whilst being able to move the conveyor through the chamber constantly 24 hours per day and have no dust or material come from the conveyor during operation which may contaminate the product.