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    Laboratory Ovens

    Laboratory ovens are multi-purpose appliances built to control temperature for optimal performance. Our range of laboratory ovens are designed to meet the needs of various industries with advanced featres to ensure accurate, and reliable, repeatable results.


    What is a laboratory oven?  

    A laboratory oven is used to deliver precise thermal convection for a variety of lab functions including sterilising and drying. It is typically fan forced to ensure an even spread of temperature within its chamber. It can be used, among other settings, in research labs and forensic facilities.

    What are the advantages of a laboratory oven?  

    A laboratory oven provides reliable temperature control with pinpoint accuracy for many temperature-sensitive materials for a variety of applications.

    What precautions should be taken when using a laboratory oven? 

    As high-powered equipment capable of high temperatures, strict precautions must be observed around laboratory ovens. They must be positioned indoors in a dry location on an even flat surface. Flammable items and substances (such as cotton, plastic, paper or solvents) must not be kept nearby. To avoid burning, wear gloves when handling materials.

    How do you take care of a lab oven? 

    To maintain a laboratory oven, check on the connection of the circuit system regularly. Clean up dust and ensure the ventilating port remains unobstructed. Check parts (including the heating pipe and fan) for damage and replace if necessary.