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    Laboratory Furnaces

    Labec stocks a range of furnace laboratory equipment and furnace accessories made from the highest quality components. Available in a range of sizes and shapes. From large capacity to small-form ashing muffle furnaces, to more advanced plasma sintering furnaces – we’re sure to have the right laboratory furnace to assist you.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What are the functions of a laboratory furnace?

    A laboratory furnace is a device used for high-temperature heating in scientific research and industrial applications. Its functions include heat treatment of metals and materials, sintering, calcining, annealing, and melting.

    What is the difference between a furnace and a chamber?

    The difference between a furnace and a chamber is in their function and design.

    A furnace is designed for high-temperature applications such as heating or melting. A furnace is for maintaining a high temperature and often has features for maintaining a precise temperature.

    A chamber refers to a broader range of enclosed spaces. They are used for storage, incubation or testing under heated, controlled conditions.

    What is the difference between a chamber furnace and a muffle furnace?

    A chamber furnace is a large-capacity furnace designed for heat treatment and material testing. It often is able to test multiple samples at once due to its size.

    A muffle furnace has a separate combustion chamber (the muffle) which isolates the materials being heated from contact with a naked flame or combustible gases.

    Is a combustion chamber the same as a furnace?

    While associated with the same task, a combustion chamber and a furnace are quite different.

    A furnace is a broad term used to describe the entire system of heating, temperature controls and more. They are used to heat materials for various reasons. It can include a combustion chamber as part of the design, especially if burning fuel is the source of the heat.

    A combustion chamber is a part of the system where fuel is burned to produce heat. They are designed to safely content and manage the combustion process, producing an efficient burn and controlled release of heat.