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    Data Loggers & Calibrators

    Ensure all your laboratory needs are met with our range of data loggers and calibrators for the most accurate and reliable results. Labec offers a variety of autoclave data loggers, wifi data loggers, cryogenic data loggers, waterproof data loggers, vaccine monitoring data loggers, and more for the best monitoring capabilities.


    What is a data logger? 

    A data logger is a digital device that records data over time. Common types include temperature data loggers and temperature and humidity data loggers. These both monitor environmental conditions.

    How does a data logger work? 

    Data loggers offer accurate, continuous monitoring of various parameters like temperature and humidity. They function by using internal or external sensors to collect data. Wireless data loggers can transmit this data remotely for real-time monitoring. 

    What is a data logger used for? 

    Data loggers are used in various fields for environmental monitoring, ensuring conditions are maintained within the required parameters. This is vital for research purposes and particular industries. Benefits include remote access, efficient data storage, and cost-effective, automated data collection.

    How do you calibrate a data logger? 

    To achieve a calibrated data logger, you need to compare it with a standard reference and adjust it as necessary. It’s vital to ensure accuracy in its measurements.

    Why is a data logger better than a thermometer? 

    A data logger provides more comprehensive data compared to a thermometer. This is because it offers continuous monitoring, recording capabilities, and the ability to track multiple environmental factors simultaneously.