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    Histology Laboratory Equipment

    The study of tissues and microscopic anatomy, histology requires a suite of specialised laboratory equipment to produce, prepare and preserve tissue, as well as maintaining correct tissue temperatures for transport or study. Labec histology laboratory equipment includes high grade microtomes, paraffin dispensers, slide dryers, tissue processors and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most popular histology laboratory equipment?

    The most popular histology laboratory equipment includes:

    What is histology laboratory equipment used for?

    Scientists use histology laboratory equipment to prepare and examine tissues under a microscope. These studies help to diagnose diseases and research cellular structures.

    What equipment is used in histopathology?

    In histopathology, key equipment includes:

    • microtomes for sectioning tissue specimens
    • tissue processors for preparing samples 
    • embedding centres for encasing tissue in blocks