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    Large Capacity Ovens

    When a large-capacity oven with excellent temperature control is required, Labec has the answer. We offer the right large-capacity lab oven to suit your general-purpose laboratory and industrial needs. Our ovens, are designed to distribute heat efficiently and house significant loads. Select from a wide range of styles, made from high-quality, durable materials.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is considered a large capacity oven?

    In laboratories, a large capacity oven typically refers to ovens with an internal volume exceeding 200 litres, suitable for accommodating larger or multiple samples.

    What are the different sizes you offer?

    Labec offers a variety of oven sizes to suit different laboratory needs. Our range includes small benchtop models for compact spaces, medium-sized ovens for general laboratory use, and large capacity ovens for accommodating bigger or multiple samples. Each category has different models with varying internal volumes and dimensions, designed to cater to specific requirements and space constraints in laboratory settings.

    Visit our oven page for more precise measurements.

    What are the most common uses for large-capacity ovens?

    In laboratories, large-capacity ovens are commonly used for sterilising equipment, drying samples, thermal testing, and heat treatment processes. They are ideal for handling larger quantities or bulky items, ensuring uniform heating and precise temperature control.

    What precautions should I consider when working with large-capacity ovens?

    • Wear appropriate protective gear, like heat-resistant gloves and safety glasses.
    • Ensure there is proper ventilation to avoid overheating and fume accumulation.
    • Regularly check and maintain temperature controls and safety mechanisms with your large capacity oven.
    • Avoid overloading the oven, as this can lead to uneven heating and potential hazards.
    • Be cautious of hot surfaces to prevent burns.
    • Follow specific safety guidelines for the materials being heated or dried.