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    Minimum Free Space Ovens

    We develop products like the free space oven to suit applications where temperature and atmosphere control are important. Our Minimum Free space Oven conforms to the requirement of BS 1016 and has a working chamber comprised of 274 x 158 x 28 mm. It also has a maximum continuous working temperature of 200°C.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is a minimum free space oven?

    This is a type of oven designed to maximise the interior space while minimising the outside footprint. More oven for your buck. They’re perfect for small labs that are restricted in bench space.

    What is a minimum free space oven used for in a laboratory?

    These ovens provide precise temperature controls and uniformity of temperature, allowing them to be used for drying, sterilisation and thermal testing in a laboratory.

    Their compact size means they can be used in smaller laboratories where space is at a premium.

    What are the differences between a minimum free space oven and a regular laboratory one?

    The two types of ovens are essentially used for the same purposes of drying and sterilising and such. 

    Regular laboratory ovens may have more capacity or more functions thanks to their larger size.