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    Heating Elements

    High-quality laboratory heating elements are integral for precise temperature control. Our range of heating elements are designed to meet the demands of complex laboratory applications for accurate and reliable results.


    What is a heating element? 

    A heating element is a device made from a heating resistor and other parts. It uses a process of resistance (Joule heating) to convert electrical energy into heat.

    How to test a heating element? 

    You can test if a heating element is working correctly by testing it with a multimeter. The reading should be between 10 and 30 ohms.

    How to fix a heating element? 

    A burnt-out electric heating element must be removed and replaced for the appliance to function. If this is not possible, the whole appliance would need to be replaced.

    How to replace heating element? 

    Firstly, switch off the circuit breaker corresponding to your appliance. Locate the heating element and test with a circuit tester for any power still present in the wires. Given there is no power, disconnect the wires and take out the screws. Then, take a reading of the heating element with a multimeter. A reading of 0 confirms that the heating element is broken. Next, install the new heating element according to the manual and reconnect the wires. Ideally, a qualified electrician would carry out this process for your safety.

    What causes a heating element to burn out? 

    Electric heating elements burn out for a number of different reasons, including corrosion, wear and tear, and faulty wiring.