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    Dental, Nail Salon & Tattoo Studio Sterilising Machines

    Our range of dental, nail salon and tattoo studio sterilising machine sets ensures you have the latest, most efficient, and highest-quality equipment to run a safe and sterile practice. Inclusive in the sets are water distillers, ultrasonic cleaners, and autoclaves for the most optimal setting for any given industry.


    How do you sterilise tattoo equipment?

    To sterilise tattoo equipment effectively, we recommend using a tattoo steriliser machine. This ensures all bacteria and pathogens are eliminated, which is crucial for maintaining high hygiene standards in tattoo salons.

    How do you sterilise dental tools? 

    For dental tools sterilisation, using a steriliser machine is one of your best options. These machines use high-pressure steam to ensure all dental instruments are free from contaminants, making it possible to adhere to health and safety standards in dental care. You can check our range of dental sterilisation tools to find everything you need.

    Methods to sterilise beauty equipment?

    When it comes to beauty sterilising equipment, having an autoclave steriliser machine is highly recommended. It provides a thorough cleaning to maintain hygiene in beauty salons, especially for tools that come in direct contact with skin.

    Why is it important to sterilise the equipment in a beauty salon?

    Sterilising equipment in a beauty salon is crucial to prevent the spread of infections and maintain client safety. Proper sterilisation ensures a hygienic environment, which is essential for the reputation and trustworthiness of the salon. In particular, we recommend autoclaves for nail salons.