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    Air Flow Ovens

    When it comes to achieving proper industrial oven airflow, a uniform temperature is crucial, especially when dealing with loaded shelves and large samples. A horizontal air flow oven from Labec provides side draught flows across every shelf for an even distribution of temperature every time. Select from two temperature ranges (200°C or 300°C), and various sizes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a convection oven in a laboratory?

    A convection oven in a laboratory is a precision device that circulates hot air uniformly for consistent heating. It’s used for drying, sterilising, and heat treatment of samples.

    What are some of the common uses of a convection oven in a laboratory?

    • Drying glassware and other equipment.
    • Sterilising instruments and materials.
    • Conducting thermal processing and heat treatments.
    • Incubating samples at controlled temperatures.
    • Performing moisture determinations.
    • Aging tests for materials under consistent heat.

    These ovens provide precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution, making them perfect for many lab processes.

    What is the use of a hot air oven in a laboratory?

    A hot air oven in a laboratory is primarily used for sterilising equipment and materials. It employs dry heat to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. This makes it essential for preparing items for aseptic procedures and ensuring sample integrity in various experiments and tests.