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    High Performance Ovens

    The perfect solution for any laboratory is a high-performance oven from Labec We’ve developed a range of Australian-made, highly durable options with excellent temperature capacities (both fan-forced and non-fan-forced) to suit applications where temperature and atmosphere control are important. Select from a range of sizes and styles.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are high-performance ovens used for?

    High-performance ovens are used for demanding applications requiring precise temperature control and uniformity. They are ideal for materials testing, pharmaceutical development, and thermal treatment in research.

    What temperature ranges can high-performance ovens reach?

    High-performance ovens can typically reach a wide range of temperatures, often extending from ambient temperature to about 300°C or higher. Some specialised models can even reach temperatures up to 500°C or more.

    What is the difference between fan-forced and non-fan-forced ovens?

    In laboratory settings, fan-forced ovens, like those on the Labec website, use a fan to circulate air, ensuring consistent temperature and more uniform heating for samples. Non-fan-forced lab ovens rely on natural heat convection, which can result in uneven temperature distribution. This distinction is crucial for experiments requiring precise temperature control.