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    Delamination Test Wood Drying Ovens (AS/NZS 1328)

    ODWF36-WD | ODWF50-WD

    LABEC Delamination Test Wood Drying Ovens are designed according to AS/NZS 1328 standard for delamination testing of glued laminated structural timber.

    Available in 300L or 500L capacities, these ovens have upgraded elements and moisture extraction fans to allow for complete drying of saturated wood samples within 22 hours, at 70ºC temperature and with a single pass airflow. Chamber air entry velocity is 2~3m/s.

    Designed and manufactured in Australia from full Stainless Steel construction, with PID microprocessor temperature control and over- temperature protection, these drying ovens are the ideal choice for any laboratory.

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    • Available in 2 Models
    • Capacity (L): 300 | 507
    • Temp. Controller: Digital PID Controller
    • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
    • Temp. Max: 100°C
    • Temp. Setting Accuracy: ±0.1°C
    • Temp. Fluctuation: ±1°C
    • Temp. Sensor: Type K
    • Heating System: Electric Element
    • Interior Material: Stainless Steel
    • Exterior Material: Stainless Steel
    • Weight (kg): 96 | 126

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