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    Slide Stainer

    To best view cells under a microscope, specimens are stained or dyed, with different stains allowing professionals to better visualise their preferred cells or cell components. Labec slide stainers are easy and intuitive to use, improve staining workflow and produce consistent, highly-targeted results.


    What is a slide stainer?

    A slide stainer is a specialised laboratory device designed to automatically apply stains to microscope slides. It helps to standardise the staining process by ensuring consistent and high-quality results. This advancement in slide stainer histology science helps to automate a costly task that would otherwise be performed by humans.

    How is a slide stainer used in histology labs?

    Slide stainers play a pivotal role in preparing tissue samples for examination. It applies precise amounts of stain to each slide to highlight the different structures within the tissue. This precision and consistency is vital for both pathologists and researchers to observe and diagnose conditions accurately.

    How do you use stains on a microscope slide?

    To use stains on a microscope slide, prepare the slide with the sample, select a stain for the desired contrast, and apply it manually or with a slide stainer. The stainer then distributes the stain evenly and times its application for clear microscopic detail revelation.