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    Tissue Floatation Bath

    After tissue samples are embedded in paraffin wax and trimmed, and before they are placed on slides, a tissue floatation water bath smooths the sample and removes imperfections. Labec tissue floatation baths are available in a range of sizes, shapes and temperature capacities to suit histological, clinical and pathological uses.


    What is a tissue flotation bath?

    A tissue flotation bath is a device that gently warms paraffin-embedded tissue sections to ensure they stretch out and adhere smoothly to microscope slides. It’s designed to improve the quality of tissue section preparation by eliminating wrinkles and distortions.

    What is the purpose of a tissue flotation water bath in histology?

    In histology, the tissue flotation water bath prepares tissue sections for microscopic examination. By warming and relaxing the tissue, it allows for the precise placement and orientation on slides, crucial for detailed and accurate tissue analysis.

    What are the advantages of a tissue floatation water bath in the laboratory?

    The tissue flotation water bath offers several benefits, including:

    • Enhanced Clarity: It removes wrinkles from tissue sections to ensure clear microscopic views.
    • Improved Adhesion: Sections adhere better to slides and reduce the risk of sample loss.
    • Efficiency: Speeds up slide preparation by enabling faster analysis.

    Why is the tissue floatation water bath important in histopathology?

    The flotation bath is essential for preparing accurate and clear tissue samples for diagnosis. By ensuring sections are flat and free of distortions, it helps pathologists identify cellular details and abnormalities. Such analysis is critical for reliable disease diagnosis and research.