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    Microtomes are high precision cutting tools, designed to produce extremely fine sections of a sample. Histology and pathology professionals will find Labec microtome equipment suited to the demands of modern microsectioning, with the range including cryostat microtomes, as well as automatic, semi-auto rotary and rotary/manual paraffin microtomes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a microtome?

    A microtome is a specialised machine designed to cut fine tissue sections for study under a microscope. 

    What is a microtome used for?

    A microtome is an essential part of histology laboratory equipment to prepare samples for scientific analysis.

    How to use a microtome?

    To use a microtome:

    • Securely fix the sample in the holder
    • Adjust the thickness setting to suit
    • Crank the handle or press the button to move the sample into the blade for cutting

    What is a rotary microtome? 

    A rotary microtome has a flywheel, in which the sample to be cut moves vertically downward against the knife.