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    Paraffin Dispenser

    As the most common embedding medium for tissue processing, paraffin is a staple for histology laboratories. Paraffin dispensers melt paraffin wax and hold it in its melted state to be used as required. Labec paraffin dispensers are fully automated, fast heating and simple to operate.


    What is a paraffin dispenser used for?

    A paraffin dispenser melts and dispenses wax over tissue samples for embedding, which helps to prepare them for precise sectioning. This step is vital for maintaining tissue integrity during microscopic examination.

    What is paraffin used for in histology?

    Paraffin wax stabilises tissue samples and enables the slicing of ultra-thin sections. These sections are crucial for detailed microscopic studies by facilitating medical research and diagnostics.

    How does a paraffin dispenser work?

    The dispenser heats paraffin to a liquid state for controlled dispensing, thus ensuring consistent flow and temperature. This precision is key for uniform embedding, streamlining preparation and minimising errors in order to optimise sample analysis.

    What are the features and benefits of a paraffin dispenser?

    With adjustable temperature controls and precise dispensing, a paraffin dispenser ensures optimal wax consistency for embedding. The benefits of using a paraffin dispenser include enhanced sample quality, efficiency in preparation and consistency across specimens – all of which are integral in paraffin dispenser histology.