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    Paraffin Trimmer

    Paraffin trimmers precisely remove excess paraffin wax from embedded tissue samples, allowing histology professionals to produce more accurate and high-quality specimens. Our Labec paraffin trimmer is simple to use, compact and features a removable tray for disposal of melted paraffin wax.


    What is the function of a paraffin block trimmer in histology?

    A paraffin block trimmer is crucial for preparing tissue samples in histological studies. It precisely trims away excess paraffin wax from around embedded tissue blocks. This preparation is essential for ensuring samples are properly shaped and ready for thin sectioning – which is vital for detailed microscopic examinations.

    What are the features of a paraffin trimmer?

    Paraffin wax trimmers are equipped with adjustable settings to control the trimming depth and ensure uniformity across samples. Their design prioritises precision and user comfort, featuring ergonomic handles and versatile blades for various block sizes. These features collectively make sample preparation more efficient and accurate.

    What is the purpose of trimming a wax-embedded tissue block?

    Trimming a wax-embedded tissue block removes excess wax and shapes the sample for sectioning. This step is critical for achieving the uniform and thin sections required for high-quality microscopic images and accurate insights.