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    Tissue Embedding Center

    A tissue embedding centre allows histologists and other laboratory professionals to easily embed tissue samples in paraffin wax blocks for accurate microsectioning. Labec tissue embedding centres improve laboratory workflow by including automated controls, paraffin dispensers and thermal storage in a user-friendly design.


    What is a tissue embedding centre?

    A tissue embedding centre is designed for embedding tissue samples in paraffin wax. It integrates heating and cooling elements to prepare the wax and samples for the embedding process. This helps to streamline the preparation of tissues for sectioning and microscopic examination.

    What is the purpose of the tissue embedding centre?

    The primary purpose of a tissue embedding centre is to enable the embedding of tissue samples in paraffin wax. This process is fundamental for preserving the tissue’s structure and making it suitable for thin sectioning.

    What are the essential parts of a tissue embedding centre?

    Key components of a tissue embedding centre include:

    • A heated tank for melting paraffin wax
    • A cooling plate to solidify the wax around the tissue samples
    • A dispensing system for applying the melted wax to the samples.

    These elements ensure efficient and uniform embedding of tissues required for microscopic studies.