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    Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerator

    Pharmacy vaccine refrigerators are designed to store vaccine products and other medical supplies requiring special conditions. Our range of pharmacy vaccine refrigerators are made durable, safe, and effective to ensure full control over sensitive materials and substances.


    What type of refrigerator is needed to store vaccines?

    Given the fragility of vaccines, they must be stored strictly between +2°C and +8°C. For this, a purpose-built pharmacy vaccine storage refrigerator is required. Storing the vaccines in a specialised pharmacy vaccine refrigerator ensures that a stable temperature remains inside despite the fridge doors being occasionally opened.

    What are the requirements for a pharmaceutical refrigerator? 

    Pharmacy vaccine refrigerators are fan-assisted and lack various compartments such as salad drawers to help maintain a stable temperature throughout.

    What is the cold chain rule for vaccines? 

    The so-called cold chain rule for vaccines is the guideline for storing vaccines within a safe temperature range, from the time they are made until they are administered. This includes storage during transportation.

    What temperature should a pharmacy fridge be at?

    A pharmacy fridge should be set to between +2°C and +8°C. This temperature range is suitable for most pharmaceutical medicines.