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    General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerator

    General purpose laboratory refrigerators are built to store non-critical products, samples, vaccines, and medicines where monitoring is not heavily required. Our range of general purpose laboratory refrigerators are designed for storage space and to ensure consistent temperatures for all purposes.


    what is the purpose of a laboratory refrigerator?

    The general purpose of a laboratory refrigerator is to store items such as specimens and samples at an exact temperature to conserve their properties.

    what is the difference between a lab fridge and a regular fridge?

    Laboratory-grade fridges are subject to stricter standards than regular fridges made for households. These higher standards ensure that the temperature range of the lab fridges is more restricted so that temperature-sensitive contents are not spoiled.

    what are the guidelines for laboratory refrigerators?

    All items placed in laboratory refrigerators must be securely capped and fully sealed in containers. It is important never to store drinks and food meant for human consumption in these specialised refrigerators.

    what temperature should a fridge be for a laboratory?

    A laboratory fridge should be maintained at 4°C, though its permissible temperature fluctuation range is between 2-8°C.