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    Breast Milk Refrigerators

    Laboratory-grade breast milk refrigerators are designed to maintain a consistent temperature to ensure quality control. Our range of breast milk refrigerators provide the highest level of protection with advanced features for storing breast milk that meets health and safety standards.


    Which breast milk storagemethod is best? 

    In a medical setting such as a hospital or maternity ward, you would store breast milk in suitable sealed containers placed in a breast milk refrigerator. The fan-forced cooling of a breast milk refrigerator provides a continuously uniform temperature in the chamber, helping to optimally preserve the breast milk.

    What are the key considerations when storing breast milk? 

    When storing breast milk, ensure that freshly expressed milk is stored in a place within the refrigerator where it is not subject to temperature fluctuations. This means not keeping it in the refrigerator door. Refrigerated breast milk must be used within four days.

    What kind of container should I use to store expressed breast milk? 

    When storing expressed breast milk, it is best to use food-grade containers made out of glass or BPA-free plastic. Ensure that these are tightly sealed. Alternatively, use specialty breast milk storage bags.

    How long should you store your expressed breast milk? 

    Freshly expressed breast milk must be used within four days of being refrigerated. Otherwise, for more extended storage, it should be frozen immediately after being expressed for a period of up to 12 months.