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    Laboratory Freeze Dryer

    A laboratory freeze dryer stores and preserves delicate samples and materials for optimal, and consistent, results. Our range of laboratory freeze dryers features advanced temperature control features and are suitable to meet the needs of various industry standards.


    What is a laboratory freeze dryer? 

    A laboratory freeze dryer is a specialty device for dehydrating items such as biological materials, food and pharmaceuticals through a process called lyophilisation or cryodesiccation. Seek out reputable laboratory freeze dryer suppliers to obtain a high-quality freeze dryer.

    How do you freeze dry in a lab? 

    The process of freeze drying in a lab involves three unique phases: freezing, primary drying and secondary drying. Freezing of the items occurs under atmospheric pressure. Primary drying consists of ice sublimation, usually with diminished pressure. Secondary drying, is the process of desorption where items are dried to the final desired level of humidity.

    Why is freeze drying important in the laboratory? 

    Freeze drying using a specialty laboratory freeze dryer stabilises items such as biological materials and pharmaceuticals to retain the quality of their properties (including organoleptic, biological, and nutritional).

    What is the medical use of a freeze dryer? 

    In a medical setting, a freeze dryer is used for the sterile production of pharmaceuticals, such as parenteral drugs. It is a method for significantly increasing the shelf life of these products.