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    General Laboratory Freezers

    General laboratory freezers are designed to with performance and durability in mind. Our general laboratory freezers are made for the general storage of non-critical products with features such as, temperature display, alarms, and monitoring for convenience and reliability.


    What is the purpose of a laboratory freezer?

    Laboratory freezers are refrigeration appliances designed to maintain extremely cold temperatures, ranging from -10°C to -20°C.

    Can a general purpose laboratory freezer be used for long-term sample storage?

    Yes, general-purpose laboratory freezers can be used for long-term sample storage, as long as they maintain consistent temperatures within the specified range and are equipped with appropriate safety features.

    However, for optimal long-term storage, ultra-low-temperature freezers (-80°C and colder) are recommended.

    Are there any specific safety guidelines for using a general purpose laboratory freezer?

    Safety guidelines for general-purpose laboratory freezers include wearing Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), regularly monitoring and maintaining the freezer’s temperature, clearly labelling stored materials for easy identification, avoiding overcrowding, and undertaking regular cleaning and maintenance schedules as per manufacturer guidelines.