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    Laboratory Ice Machine

    Laboratory ice machines are hygienic and perfect for the displacement of liquid with maximum performance to allow for subsantial energy saving and cooling capacity. Our laboratory ice machines feature an integrated storage for both large production and compact space utilisation.


    what is THE USE OF AN Ice-flaking machine in the laboratory?

    Using a flake ice machine in a laboratory creates ice flakes that optimise the use and storage of various items and substances. Using ice flakes (rather than bullet ice or other types of ice) is the most efficient way of extracting heat from various items that need to be cooled in the laboratory.

    what is the Difference between a nugget and flake ice?

    Because of its soft, mouldable texture, flake ice is ideal for use on soft or delicate items without the risk of scratching or damaging them. Nugget ice (also known as pebble, pellet, or sonic ice) consists of small, soft ice pieces that are easy to crush. When purchasing an ice machine as part of your laboratory equipment, consider a laboratory ice machine that produces flake ice so that it can be used for both hard and delicate items.

    what are some differences between a flake-ice machine and a cube-ice machine?

    A flake-ice machine continuously produces ice using a vertical cylindrical evaporator. A cube-ice machine, on the other hand, produces ice in cycles using a horizontal rectangular evaporator.