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    High Temperature Furnaces

    A high temperature lab furnace from Labec is designed to be energy efficient and keep a cool exterior at high temperatures. Whether you’re after a high-temperature furnace suited for limited bench space and small, samples, or something larger – our furnaces are made from extremely durable materials that provide excellent thermal stability.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is the temperature range for Labec’s high-temperature furnace?

    You have a choice of different high-temperature furnaces from Labec, with differing ranges. The small capacity furnace has a range of up to +1700, tube furnaces with a range of +1500C to +1800C, and the spark plasma Sintering Furnace which can heat all the way to +2300C.

    What are some common uses for high-temperature furnaces in a laboratory?

    High-temperature furnaces in laboratories are commonly used for a range of applications, including:

    • Heat Treatment: Processes like annealing, tempering, and hardening of metals.
    • Material Testing and Development: Testing material properties at high temperatures.
    • Sintering: Compacting and forming materials at high heat.
    • Ceramic and Glass Processing: Melting or fusing ceramic materials and glass.
    • Chemical Analysis: Ashing samples to determine composition.

    What are the main features to consider when purchasing a high-temperature furnace?

    Some aspects to consider when buying a furnace for your laboratory.

    • Temperature Range – how hot do you need your furnace to be?
    • Temperature control – you want to be able to easily control the temperature of your furnace.
    • Size and Capacity – how big do you need the furnace to be?
    • The space in the lab – how much room is available for a furnace? Is it insulated enough to not cause your lab to overheat?
    • Safety features – are there enough safety features, such as over-heating protection, to keep everyone safe?
    • Ease of use and maintenance – is your furnace easy to use, has clear guidelines and manuals, and is it easy to maintain?

    Discover our collection of furnace accessories and components for additional functionality, efficiency, and safety measures.