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    Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (SPS) (+2300°C)

    EF-SPS-10T | EF-SPS-20T


    LABEC introduces Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (SPS), a revolutionary high speed powder consolidation process. SPS rapid pressure sintering system is one of world’s most advance hot press sintering systems. It has characteristics of fast sintering, high density and is the good tool for sintering nano-phase materials, rare earth permanent magnetic materials, glass, non-equilibrium alloy materials and biological materials. Characteristics: fast sintering, good energy-saving, high efficiency.

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    • Available in 2 Models
    • Temp. Controller: Digital Controller
    • Rated Working Temperature: +2300°C
    • Rated Power: 50KW | 100KW
    • Output Current: 0-5000A | 0-10000A
    • Input Voltage: 0-10V
    • Maximum Pressure: 10T | 20T
    • Sample Size: Ø50 | Ø100
    • Ram Stroke: 100mm
    • Ultimate Vacuum: 10Pa | 10-³Pa

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