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    Large Capacity Furnaces

    A Labec large-capacity furnace chamber is made from high-quality components and designed for research, commercial and laboratory purposes. The double-skinned casing provides durability and keeps the exterior cool at high temperatures, while the internal fibre provides thermal stability and rapid cycling. Made in Australia and designed to suit mechanical testing apparatus.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the heating capacity of Labec’s large-capacity furnace?

    Labec’s large-capacity furnace chamber has a heating capacity of up to 1200°C.

    What is the rule of thumb for furnace size?

    Choose a laboratory furnace size that accommodates your largest sample with extra room for heat circulation.

    What is the rated capacity of the furnace?

    The rated capacity of the furnace ranges from 64 litres to 512 litres in volume depending on the Labec model selected.

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