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    Volatile Matter Furnace

    The Volatile Matter Furnace is encased in tough, zinc-coated steel with a powder coat finish and insulated with a top-grade Kaowool ceramic fibre blanket. This furnace offers a highly efficient and accurate design for temperature control that draws heat away from the bottom and out through the top.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a volatile matter furnace?

    A volatile matter furnace measures the volatile substances released from a material when heated, commonly used in coal and coke analysis.

    What are the benefits of using a volatile matter furnace?

    It provides accurate measurement of volatile content, crucial for quality control and material analysis in industries.

    Discover our collection of furnace accessories and components for additional functionality, efficiency, and safety measures.

    What maintenance is required for a volatile matter furnace?

    Maintenance required includes:

    • Regular cleaning
    • Inspection of heating elements 
    • Calibration checks to ensure accurate performance 

    Can a volatile matter furnace be customised for specific needs?

    Yes, we can customise these furnaces to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for help with your design.