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    Furnace Accessories

    At Labec, we provide an excellent range of industrial furnace accessories. We supply replacement MoSi2 heating elements for high-temperature furnaces, end cap systems to suit most tube furnaces, and dry scroll vacuum parts, as well as a great range of high-purity quartz process tubes, high-purity alumina ceramic process tubes, and ceramic laboratory crucibles.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the most popular furnace accessories?

    How to replace a heating element in a laboratory or industrial furnace?

    To replace a heating element in a furnace:

    • Turn off and unplug the furnace
    • Remove the furnace cover or access panel
    • Carefully disconnect the defective element 
    • Install the new element ensuring proper alignment
    • Replace the cover and test the furnace

    What is a quartz tube used for?

    Industrial furnaces use accessories such as quartz tubes for high-temperature processes that require chemical purity, such as in semiconductor manufacturing. Quartz is resistant to corrosive substances and high temperatures.

    What is an end cap system used for?

    An end cap system is used to seal the ends of a furnace tube during processes requiring vacuum conditions or gas environments.