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    Autoclave Data Loggers

    Our autoclave data loggers are designed to be submersible to monitor and record pressure and temperature data. Labec’s autoclave data loggers are conveniently small and made durable for the harshest conditions while offering top-of-the-line accuracy and precise measurements.


    how does an autoclave data logger work?

    An autoclave temperature data logger works by monitoring and recording temperature, pressure, and sometimes humidity within autoclaves during the sterilisation process. These loggers withstand the extreme conditions within autoclaves.

    They often use sensors and protective casings to guarantee accurate data collection without compromising the integrity of the logger. Once placed inside the autoclave, it records data for post-sterilisation analysis and validation of the sterilisation cycle’s effectiveness.

    what are the benefits of using an autoclave data logger?

    Using a temperature and pressure data logger for autoclaves provides important documentation of the sterilisation cycles, which ensures compliance with regulatory standards and quality control protocols.

    By recording temperature and pressure variations accurately during sterilisation, these data loggers help identify potential issues that might affect the sterilisation process.