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    Waterproof Data Loggers

    Our waterproof data loggers are designed to be durable and robust for monitoring, analysing, and recording data in wet environments. Labec offers waterproof temperature data loggers for high-accuracy and reliable data that is water and pressure-proof.


    How does a waterproof data logger work?

    A waterproof temperature data logger works by using specialised seals or materials that create a barrier against water ingress and encasing its internal components in a protective housing structure. This housing can withstand varying levels of moisture but keeps the internal sensors and electronics dry and functional, even when submerged or in wet environments.

    What are the benefits of using a waterproof data logger in a laboratory?

    USB waterproof temperature data loggers are useful tools for laboratories that are typically used in environments where exposure to water is a risk. They provide much-needed durability, protection (against data loss), versatility, and compliance with laboratory standards. This makes them crucial for the accuracy and integrity of data collection.