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    USB Data Loggers

    Our USB data loggers are designed to efficiently monitor and record laboratory data. Providing high-accuracy temperature, relative humidity, and thermocouple temperatures, our digital USB data loggers are specifically made for advanced and reliable data logging capabilities.


    What is a USB data logger?

    A USB data logger is a portable electronic device that records and stores data over time. It can be used to monitor things like humidity, pressure, temperature and voltage.

    What are the benefits of a USB data logger?

    USB data loggers are typically small and lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and use in different settings. Data loggers are reliable, time-efficient, and relatively inexpensive monitoring solutions.

    Why choose Labec for USB data loggers?

    Labec is a leading provider of laboratory equipment in Australia. We have a long and storied history of providing high-quality, reliable equipment to customers.

    A digital data logger with USB capabilities from Labec ensures you receive a reliable, quality product capable of meeting all your data logging needs.