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    Laboratory Autoclaves

    Laboratory autoclaves are essential equipment for efficient sterilisation and decontamination during activities. Autoclave machines come in several varieties, from tabletop autoclaves to floor-standing autoclaves, and even floor-mounted autoclaves. Browse our range of reliable laboratory autoclaves for any scientific setting and find the confidence that your setting remains safe and sterile.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the autoclaves tested and calibrated for validation?

    Yes, all laboratory autoclaves, including small and large autoclave models, undergo rigorous testing and calibration. This ensures they meet the stringent standards required for scientific and medical use in Australia as well as align with the best practices for autoclave laboratory equipment.

    How often should an autoclave be inspected? 

    Regular inspection of autoclave machines, including medium-size autoclaves and benchtop autoclaves, is vital. It’s recommended to have professional checks annually, ensuring that autoclave supplies and components function optimally for reliable sterilisation.

    Does it need to be connected to a water supply? 

    Most autoclaves in Australia, especially those designed for laboratory and scientific use, require a connection to a water supply for effective sterilisation processes.

    Can the sterilisation time be adjusted? 

    Yes, the sterilisation time in autoclaves can be adjusted to suit different requirements. This feature allows for flexibility in handling various types of autoclave laboratory equipment and supplies.