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    Steam Sterilisers

    Our steam sterlisers are approved for laboratory settings as a floor-standing unit featuring a cool-to-touch exterior and an automatic water refilling system to ensure your needs are met. The steam sterilisers also feature fast heat-up times and creates rapid steam production.


    What is a laboratory steam steriliser? 

    A laboratory steam steriliser is a device used for sterilising equipment and supplies by exposing them to high-pressure saturated steam. It’s essential in laboratories to ensure instruments are free from contaminants and safe for use in various experiments and procedures.

    How do you use a steam steriliser? 

    To use a steam steriliser, load the equipment into the machine, seal the door, and set the appropriate temperature and time. The steriliser then uses steam to effectively eliminate all microbial life from the items inside.

    What is the difference between a steam steriliser and an autoclave? 

    While both use steam for sterilisation, an autoclave typically operates at a higher pressure and temperature than a steam steriliser. This means an autoclave is suitable for a broader range of applications, including more rigorous sterilisation needs. Explore our full range of autoclaves and dry sterilisers here.

    How do I clean my steam steriliser?

    To clean a steam steriliser, regularly wipe the interior with a disinfectant and ensure the drain screen is clear of debris. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions for descaling and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.