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    Benchtop Laboratory Autoclaves

    Benchtop autoclaves are indispensable pieces of equipment in any laboratory setting with space limitations. Designed to maintain efficiency in sterilising labware and other equipment, benchtop laboratory autoclaves are optimal solutions for a range of laboratory activities to ensure accurate and safe performance.


    What is a benchtop autoclave used for? 

    Benchtop autoclaves, including automatic, vertical, front-loading, and vacuum autoclave models, are primarily used for sterilising laboratory and medical equipment. These compact devices are ideal for providing efficient sterilisation solutions.

    Where can I buy an autoclave benchtop steriliser in Australia?  

    You can find benchtop autoclaves in Australia via us at Labec. We’re a leading Australian manufacturer of Scientific, Medical and Laboratory Research equipment, located in Marrickville, just outside the Sydney CBD.

    What is the steriliser standard that a benchtop steriliser must comply with? 

    Often used in medical and laboratory environments, it’s vital for Benchtop autoclaves to comply with strict sterilisation standards. In Australia, the benchtop steriliser must be maintained in accordance with AS 2182:1998.

    What is the standard temperature time period for sterilisation in a benchtop autoclave?

    The standard sterilisation cycle in a benchtop autoclave typically involves a temperature of 121-134°C maintained for 15 to 30 minutes. This standard ensures effective sterilisation across various types of equipment, including automatic, vertical, front-loading, and vacuum benchtop autoclaves and dry Sterilisers.