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    Autoclave – Touch Screen Series

    ICAN-T218 | ICAN-T223

    A new touch series class B table top autoclaves, with innovative technologies design in Europe. It has the highest performance from ICANCLAVE family include 18Liter and 23Liters. With quick cycle fastest 15 minutes only , delayed start, automatic water filling, light signature, descale cycle, label printer available.

    Excellent Performance:

    • Full automatic with pre-set programs.
    • Complies with European standard EN13060.
    • Full touch screen.
    • With quick cycle.
    • In built independent rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles.
    • Rapid post sterilization vacuum drying.
    • Self-initialization when work in different altitude.
    • The delayed start lets users programme the sterilization cycle so the cycle also be executed outside working hours.
    • Both manual water filling and Automatic water filling.
    • Three different light signature.
    • Descale cycle included.
    • Be available to connect with Icanlable SPRT to print the barcode label.

    Safety and Monitoring:

    • Double safety protection system prevents the cycle from starting if the door is not correctly locked. This system also prevents the door from opening if the pressure inside the chamber is not equal to atmospheric pressure outside the chamber.
    • Pressure safety valve prevents over pressure in the chamber and steam generator.
    • The power is automatically cut if a short circuit or electrical fault occurs.
    • Able to detect and identify the exact cause of any problem, and to issue a specific error code to the operator.
    • Water level main switch in the main tank controlling the min and max water level.
    • Automatic warning for maintenance.
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    • Model: Available in 18 and 23 litre models
    • Capacity (L): 18 | 23
    • Chamber Dimensions (mm): Ø250×350 | Ø250×450
    • Temp. Range: 121°C | 134°C
    • Power: 1750W
    • Weight (kg): 50 | 53


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