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    Sous Vide Water Bath

    LVS12 | LVS16 | LVS25

    (Ambient +5°C to 85°C)

    The Labec Sous Vide Water Bath has been specifically built for commercial kitchens and for chefs who have embraced the process of Sous Vide cooking. This proven process of slow cooking in a bath at low temperatures (usually around 60°C) in a sealed bag retains the textures and flavours of your favourite foods that is often destroyed with traditional cooking methods.

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    • Available in 3 models
    • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
    • Temp. Max: 85°C
    • Temp. Setting Accuracy: 0.1°C
    • Temp. Fluctuation: +/-0.2°C
    • Power (W): 750 ~ 2000
    • Weight (kg): 15 ~ 22

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