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    Dust Resistance Test Chamber


    Labec Dust Resistance Test Chamber is used for dust-proof and dust resistance experiments for various automobile parts. The main test parts include lights, instrumentation, safety belt, seat regulator, electric dust cover, steering gear shaft and locks, testing it’s dust resistance and movement safety.

    Flow dust testing in accordance with IEC60529 and ML/STD810D.

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    • Test Type: F1 | F2 | F3 | C
    • Test Temperature: 25 ~ 40°C (natural temperature without control)
    • Test Humidity: 45 ~ 85% RH (natural temperature without control)
    • Dust Concentration: 60000mg/m3 | 3000mg/m3 | 100mg/m3 | 100~5000mg/m3
    • Dust Spray Period: 1sec ~ 99hr
    • Air Source: 3 ~ 5kg/cm3

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