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    Wrist Shaker


    * PID microprocessor control, LCD display.
    * Maintenance-free spherical bearings.
    * 8 customised programs, with different speed and time setting.
    * Automatic operation, auto-stop, timing.time display, parameters memory and recovery function.
    * Simulating manual oscillation from mild to strong shaking.
    * Suitable for flask, reagent bottles, tubes, jars, narrow mouth bottles, retort, separating funnel, straight mouth bottles.
    * Leakage current and over current safety protection system.
    * Can be used in incubators, warm rooms, environmental chambers and refrigerators.

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    • Angle Shaking: 12º
    • Rate of Shaking: 50-600 rpm
    • Max Load (per side): 6.8kg
    • Weight (kg): 30

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