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    Thermo Shaker for Microplates

    HPI100-2A,HPI100-4A, HSI100-2A,HSI100-4A are designed for 1-4 standard 96 well plates in the thermostat mode.

    HSI100-2A, HSI100-4A have only incubation functions.

    HPI100-2A, HPI100-4A have incubation and shaking functions.


    1. Heating plates above and below the microplates
    2. 2. Exact correspondence of the designed and actual temperature
    3. 3. LCD display. It is easy to set up and use
    4. 4. MB series have incubation and shaking functions
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    • Temperature Range (ºC): RT+5 to 70
    • Mainbody Size (mm) (WxDxH): 280 x 270 x 150 | 320 x 350 x 185
    • Shaking Orbit: 2mm
    • Shaking Speed Range (rpm): 100~1200 | 100~1500
    • Weight Capacity (kg): Max 3kg | Max 2.5kg

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