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    Temp. & Humidity Chamber – D Type -70°C to +120°C 20~98%RH, Cycling

    STH-100D | STH-200D | STH-330D | STH-600D | STH-1000D

    D Type -70ºC to +120ºC and 20~98%RH

    Labec Temperature & Humidity Chambers are available in models from 100 to 2000 litres capacity. Refrigeration system: High efficiency, maximum reliability and low vibration & low noise. The air cooled refrigeration is working with CFC free refrigerant. The total cooling circuits is working with solenoid valve bypass technique ensuring that the compressor will only be disconnected if cooling capacity has not been required for a prolonged period. Heating system: Low mass electric resistance heater is located directly in front of the re-circulating air blower. The PID microprocessor controllers with the solid state relay allows extremely precise and constant control.

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      • Available in 5 models
      • Temperature Range: -70°C to +120°C
      • Temp. & Humidity Uniformity: ±0.5°C at 3%RH or ±1°C at 3%RH
      • Humidity Range: 20-98%RH Temperature Dependant
      • Temp. Rising Speed: -40°C up to +150°C in about 40 minutes
      • Cooling Speed: +20°C down to -40°C in about 60 minutes
      • Temp Stability: ±0.2°C
      • Freezing System: Binary full air-tight air-cooled refrigeration system
      • Capacity (L): 100 to 1000
      • Interior and Exterior Material: 304 Grade Stainless steel
      • Insulation Type: Rock wool hard PU polyurethane foams
      • Circulating System: Fan forced recycling convection
      • Temperature Preservation: Stainless steel heating humidifier

      Download Brochure for Complete Specifications

    Download Brochure for Complete Specifications

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