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    Refrigerated Humidity Chamber +10ºC to +60°C – 30~90%RH – Constant Temperature

    Code: LHC-24 | LHC-36 | LHC-50 | LHC-80

    Refrigerated (+10°C to +60°C) 30~90% RH
    Labec Temperature and Humidity Chambers are manufactured in Australia with high control systems and quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability. Ideal for laboratory testing and research where accurate control of the Temperature and Relative Humidity is required. Suitable for environmental testing applications, environmental conditions can be accurately reproduced and controlled. A air flow system combined with the heating system with submerged elements provides excellent temperature uniformity with fluctuation ±1°C and relative humidity fluctuation ±3%.

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    • Available in 4 models
    • Capacity (L): 160 ~ 820
    • Temp. Range: +10°C to +60°C (Optional +80°C)
    • Temp. Setting Accuracy: 0.1°C
    • Temp. Fluctuation: ±1°C
    • Temp. Sensor: Pt 100 ohms
    • Humidity Range: 30-90%RH (optional 95%)
    • Humidity Sensor: Vaisala
    • Humidity Fluctuation: ±3%RH
    • Heating System: Electric Element
    • Refrigerant: R134c (CFC) Free
    • Weight (kg): 109 ~ 199

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