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    Solvent Drying Oven (up to 300ºC)

    PF60-SC | PF120-SC | PF200-SC

    (Ambient +5ºC to 300ºC)

    Labec Solvent Drying ovens are fan-forced with temperatures up to 300ºC. Designed for solvent evaporation, these ovens feature a powered exhaust fan and a specially designed explosion relief panel at the rear of the oven which will break in the event of a rapid build up of pressure in the chamber to prevent the door being blown open. Safety features include a differential pressure alarm and over-temperature protection alarm. Available in three sizes.

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    • Available in 3 Models
    • Capacity (L): 66 | 128 | 230
    • Temp. Controller: Digital PID Controller
    • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
    • Temp. Max: 300°C
    • Temp. Setting Accuracy: ±1°C
    • Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.2°C
    • Heating System: Electric Element
    • Air Exchanges (exchanges/hour): 153 | 79 | 44

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