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    Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge


    BKC – TL16RE high-speed refrigerated centrifuge uses the microcomputer control, frequency conversion brushless motor, is the separation of mixed liquid at high speed, special equipment.


    It is widely used in scientific research, genetic engineering, genetics, life science, biology, chemistry, medical units, such as easy operation, fast refrigeration, less suitable for separation, centrifugal demand is high, low temperature experiment.


    * The machine adopts all steel body, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, compact structure, low noise.

    *Embedded microprocessor control, precise control of speed, time, temperature and relative centrifugal force.

    *Real-time display of all operating parameters, simple operation.

    * Equipped with door cover protection, overspeed and advanced electronic unbalance detection system, real-time monitoring of centrifuge process to ensure the safe operation of the instrument.

    * High quality rubber door seal, good sealing performance.

    * Equipped with a variety of rotors, to meet different experimental requirements, a multi-purpose machine.

    * Refrigerated centrifuge adopts well-known brand compressor and R290 refrigerant.

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    • Max. Capacity: 12*10ml
    • Max. speed rpm: 16,000
    • Max. RCF (xg): 20,878
    • Temperature Range ºC: -20 ~ +40
    • Dimensions (mm): w550*500*340
    • Weight without rotor: 47kg

    Optional Rotors and Accessories available
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