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    Elevator Furnaces (+1200°C to +1700°C)

    BLF-200/12 to BLF-300/17

    (+1200°C to +1700°C)

    Labec Elevator Furnaces offer a stable loading system for furnaces up to 1700ºC. Due to the electrically driven bottom, the BL series of furnaces can be easily loaded with samples. With their all round heating, these furnaces achieve outstanding temperature uniformity. The furnace chamber is separated from the heating elements due to the use of a tubular plasma ceramic retort placed vertically in the furnace. This design prevents a certain degree of contamination of both the load and heating elements. It is also recommended for gassing processes.

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    • Available in 4 Models
    • Heated Length (mm): 300
    • Int. Diameter (mm): 200 | 300
    • Temp. Max: +1200°C to +1700°C
    • Temp. Setting Accuracy: 1°C
    • Temp. Fluctuation: ±5%
    • Temp. Sensor: Type B or K
    • Heating System: Electric Elements
    • Gas Purge: Inlet and outlet for purging atmosphere
    • Weight (kg): 120 | 160

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