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    Electro Analyzer


    Labec Electro Analyzer measures metal ions such as Ni,Cu,Pb,Sb,CO and Zn. These can be detected and analysed, the unit has a speed controllable stirrer and hot plate installed for solution mixing. Easy to operate and adjust, the voltage can conveniently be adjusted by turning the dial knob of the slide – ac and the electric current can also be easily adjusted by the 1A/10A DC adjust switch for the best operating conditions.

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    • External Dimensions (cm) HxWxD: 355 x 375 x 615
    • Controller Temperature: Analogue
    • Speed Controller: Analogue
    • Speed (RPM): 0-60
    • Working Table Material: Stainless Steel
    • Body Material: Powder Coated Steel
    • Weight (kg): 23.5

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